Me & My Mum is a three-part series revealing what it took for some of the UK’s leading athletes, actors, comedians, and celebrities to succeed, often against the odds, and chronicles the pivotal role that their mothers played in their remarkable ascents to the top.

Episode 1 – Denise Lewis and mum, Joan

In the first of the series, Olympic gold medallist, Denise Lewis, goes back home for a sleepover at her mum’s and uncovers some surprising family history and unsettling truths about the struggles her mum Joan faced raising Denise.

Episode 2 – David Whitely and mum, Cynthia

In episode two, social media star, David Whitely (AKA Sideman) returns to his childhood home for a sleepover and a heart-to-heart with mum Cynthia about the difficult decision his parents took to leave Jamaica and bring their family to England.

Episode 3 – Eva Apio and mum, ‘Big’ Eva

In the last of the series, rising super model Eva Apio returns to her childhood home for a sleepover and a heart-to-heart with mum, ‘Big’ Eva, about the support she gave her daughter that helped her achieve success at the top of the fashion industry.


BET, 2023