“If there was any other way, I would. I would do it, but this is all I have left” - Mia - Sex On The Breadline


Series five of The Sex Business returns to the UK with another collection of insightful and challenging films.

‘Kinky On Camera’ explores the world of webcam sex workers, some of which are making thousands of pounds creating and selling fantasies directly to their ever expanding fanbase; while ‘Plus-Sized Porn enters the world of larger sized sex workers like fifty-two-year-old mum of two, Vicky, who reveals how losing her job as a care worker propelled her into a completely new world of losing her clothes and inhibitions.

In the final episode, ‘Sex On The Breadline’ we look at the world of ‘survival sex’. Through the lives of two women we examine the stark choice of  having to trade sexual services to see some of their most basic of needs met.


CHANNEL 5, 2020