“It’s been financially beneficial to where I’m definitely making over $100,000. Definitely” - Simone - Six Figure Strippers


For series four, The Sex Business tackles some of the industry’s biggest taboos as well as travels across the Atlantic.

In Atlanta (USA), ‘Six Figure Strippers’ gains unprecedented access behind the scenes at the most famous strip club in the world, Magic City – known for its long list of A-list celebrity patrons and cherished position in popular culture. The episode focuses on the work and personal lives of four of the club’s leading dancers.

‘Spank Me Harder’ examines the psychology and reality of life as a female submissive; women who are paid to submit to the will and desires of masochists while ‘Swinging Both Ways’ sees two heterosexual sex workers share how and why they work as homosexual performers across the worlds of pornography and webcamming and the impact this has on their lives.


CHANNEL 5, 2019