“A woman can go out there and buy any services she wants the same that a man can, right? Why should sex be any different?” - Lady Lorelei - Orgasms on Sale


Series two delves into the world of female domination in ‘Pain For Pleasure’; exploring the complex and often long-term relationships that exist between the males clients and their mistresses, understanding clients’ need to satisfy desires many have kept hidden from their nearest and dearest for years along with gaining an insight into who these mistresses are outside of their dungeons.

‘Trans On Demand’ looks at the lives of three transsexual sex workers whose stories serve as a commentary on the double social taboo of who they are as people as well as what they choose to do for a living.

Episode three, ‘Orgasms On Sale’ uncovers arguably one of the most secret aspects of the sex industry, the women avoiding the complications of relationships and are willing to pay to have their sexual needs serviced. Over the course of this film we learn about the motivations of the women who pay for sex and delve into the lives of the men (and women) who sell to them.


CHANNEL 5, 2018