“He really was an absolute superstar during the twenties and thirties” - Patrick Newly


Leslie Hutchinson (aka ‘Hutch’) seduced high society in more ways than one but discovered he could never belong to it.

Britain’s first black superstar was an obsessive womaniser, unashamedly trading on his ‘exotic’ sexual appeal. The subjects of his many affairs included members of the royal family including a 30-year affair with Edwina Mountbatten, the wife of Lord Louis Mountbatten. Driven by a keen ambition, ‘Hutch’ managed to escape small island life in Grenada to become the highest paid entertainer in Europe, with friendships with the likes of Cole Porter, Ivor Novello, Tallulah Bankhead and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Despite a career spanning five decades, hutch died virtually penniless and unmourned.