"It was a case of wrong place, wrong time, but that’s what happens when you get involved with these gangs” - Keisha McLeod


Set in 2017 (a year that saw 25 teenagers either stabbed or shot dead in London) the series focuses on the devastating impact on the lives of the families affected by gang culture and wider communities who are also living with the outcome.

The first episode, ‘Grooming’ follows the harrowing stories of 18 year old Kacem Mokrane, stabbed to death after resisting overtures from a local gang and 14-year-old CJ Davis, shot in the face with a shotgun and whose mother, Keisha McCleod, did everything in her power to keep him away from those trying to induct her son into the lifestyle.

‘Death In Suburbia’, is an intimate and tragic tale of a father struggling to come to terms with the death of his 15 year old son, Jermaine Goupall, murdered by a gang from a neighbouring postcode; while ‘Forgiveness’ sees Yemi Hughes (whose son Andre was stabbed to death during a brutal gang attack in 2016), confront the mother of her son’s killer.

In ‘Seeking Solutions’, the film beds in with those trying to affect positive change and chronicles the very real obstacles they face in their efforts to halt the ever increasing slaughter of young people caught up in gang life. Each episode continues to be punctuated by searing and revealing testimony from active gang members as they add their voices to this ongoing national conversation.