“If you wanna see my nudes, you've got to pay for them. They're too good to be sent for free” - Chelsea - Sex Made Millionaires


With over 100,000 people working in the UK sex industry, Adults Only! is a fun and revealing docu-soap that follows the lives of a small and unlikely group of ordinary folk with the most extraordinary of day jobs.

Across five episodes we meet a cast of some the most entertaining and wonderful characters from self-made camming millionaire Chelsea Ferguson, porn star parents Jess and Mike Miller to male stripper troupe The Dreamboys and many more; who each open up their private and professional lives to the cameras like never before.

From teaching driving lessons their kids to offering sex worker mentoring sessions, navigating the morning and after school runs to accidentally double booking escorting clients; the series will offer us a hilarious but heart-warming look at the ordinary lives of sex workers around the country.


CHANNEL 5, 2020