The Sex Business


The Sex Business is a 3-part series that offers an insightful, intimate and honest look at the sex industry in the UK. The series goes behind the clichés and misconceptions by getting those at the heart of the sex trade to tell their stories, in their own words.

Porn Stars is a full frontal look at both the personal and professional lives of some of Britain’s biggest and aspiring adult entertainers. Working From Home follows the story of two escorts and a dominatrix who see sex work as a choice and provide their services willingly, from the comfort of their own homes; while Life On The Streets offers a sobering and poignant look at the alternative side of the nation’s sex industry. Six women across the country reveal the vicious cycle of ‘survival sex’ they experience each night, and their desperate efforts to break free of its grasp.

Across this series these men and women offer unprecedented access to their world, documenting the reality of what it really means to market, sell and buy sex in the UK.

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